The Pink Ribbonettes is an all-volunteer group breast cancer support group, comprised of survivors, for survivors. We strive to help each other, those newly diagnosed, their family members and their caregivers. This group is dedicated to encouraging and helping those diagnosed with breast cancer navigate the challenging journey through treatment to full recovery by offering caring, informal, experience-based support. We partner with the American Cancer Society to provide breast cancer survivors to train and serve as counselors in the ACS "Reach for Recovery Program," to help breast cancer patients in Aiken, SC and surrounding areas in the CSRA.

What the Pink Ribbonettes Do

When a person is diagnosed with breast cancer, if she wishes, one or two of the members visits with her and offers their support and comfort during her treatment. There are so many things that these survivors had to learn on their own during their treatment, they want to pass their knowledge on to new breast cancer patients to minimize some of the surprises and side effects they may experience.

Pink Ribbonettes group photo Newly diagnosed individuals (men and women) receive a Pink Ribbonettes tote bag to carry with them during their visits for treatment, etc. Inside, there is a small pillow, a journal, pen and other helpful information on surviving the journey of life and cancer treatment.


This ACS Breast Cancer Survivor’s Support Group was established around 1997-98. Ms. Mickey Perkins was approached by ACS paid worker Angie Sanders and Julie Broome, who were working in the Aiken ACS Office, to see if she would be interested in heading up a local support group here in Aiken. With their help & support, they sent out letters to breast cancer survivors.

Peggy Piesch was among the very first ladies to come to the original meeting. There were approximately 4 – 6 of us who said we were very interested in participating in this endeavor. Our first order of business was to establish a name for the group, thus The Pink Ribbonettes were official. Eventually, Ms. Perkins resigned as the facilitator and Peggy Piesch took over the responsibility with the help of Zelda Clayton.

The Pink Ribbonettes would like to thank the American Cancer Society for their continued support and resources.